New DCS: Persian Gulf Screenshots, Rain on the canopy too


A whole bunch of new high-res screenshots have dropped onto the Eagle Dynamics website today showcasing DCS: Persian Gulf in all of its splendor. Also appearing today is a new video showcasing the rain on the canopy effect for the DCS: F/A-18C. It looks good!

In the Gulf


One of the things that DCS: Nevada and DCS: Persian Gulf have over the Caucasus map are some really standout landmarks around the map. Arguably, I think DCS: Persian Gulf takes this to a new level as there are an immense amount of landmarks particularly around Dubai with the Burj Khalifa dominating any skyline and other notable towers and landmarks also filling in.

Another thing that appears to standout here is the texture work for the terrain. Matt Wagner has talked during the live stream’s about how much work the team has put into creating artistically beautiful textures that are seamlessly (to…

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DCS: Updates on Hornet, Persian Gulf, World 2.5, Rapier SAM


Early adopters of DCS World 2.5 have got two hotfixes in place to solve problems and an acknowledgement of a memory leak to be fixed soon. Meanwhile there are some small updates on the Hornet and visuals of an updated Rapier SAM site ideally used with the upcoming (and renamed) DCS: Persian Gulf map.

DCS: Persian Gulf

Same Strait of Hormuz map but with a brand new name. Eagle Dynamics has changed the name of their DCS: Strait of Hormuz forum and with it comes confirmation that they have changed the name for the planned map update.

Matt Wagner had this to say:

The change in name is for two primary reasons:

1- Gives us flexabilty[sic] to expand the map later
2- A much more recognizable name of the region

When the map is made available for sale, it will be abundantly clear of the exact area covered by…

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