Hi guys, we are the Grim Reapers. We are a small group of plane enthusiasts. Cap decided to start a YouTube channel based on virtual aviation. Starting with DCS World videos and extended to IL-2, Arma3, Wreckfest, aviation interviews and real life videos.

We fly for free, as it is our free-time hobby and we love it.  When it comes to making our missions, campaigns and public videos, it takes a great deal of time, and real life dictates that Cap earns some kind of money, otherwise he would not be able to keep it up. Due to the valued viewers generous donations, Cap creates content full time.

“I’ve been after a proper plane sim for awhile now and the Grim Reapers have done a fine job of getting me up to speed on how to properly use these aircraft. I felt, since I got all this information for free (and by extension, wash away all the bad info over the years), offering something up as recompense made perfect sense. I can spare $5 a month :thumbsup: ” Whistler

Please consider either the Patreon link below to become a Grim Reapers monthly Patreon supporter, or our one-off Paypal donation link.

At Grim Reapers we also have a training server provided and run by Auntystatic. It is for serious training for the GR missions and guests can join and improve their DCS as long as they are in our Discord.

“When I set out to run a 24 hour a day training server I didn’t realise what I was letting myself in for,  making and updating the maps, updating the software continually, keeping the hardware as up to date as I can afford and of course paying the extra electricity bill to keep the server running 24/7” Auntystatic

If you would like to help Aunty provide this asset for the DCS community, please consider a donation.

We also have the Grim Reapers UK WW2, PVP & Battleground Server.

Due to the huge increase in numbers we are seeing for our group missions, and the extra demands DCS now places on connections and hardware, we had to improve the way we hosted our missions.  Hosted in a data center, this server gives us much greater ability to host large multiplayer games much more reliably. It will also host 1 24/7 password free public server, running war-bird missions, Grim Reapers PVP Server, and Grim Reapers Battleground UK – hosting large scale PVE misisons. This patreon will be used to support the running costs of the server, admin of the server and the development of new missions.

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  1. Hey CAP – I’ll send you $54 (US) if you contact DCS and have them send me a password reset. I don’t know what happened, but I forgot to save my password. I’ve followed their instructions multiple times. Forms & email. Nothing but crickets. I figured you maybe had a contact there.
    What do you say?
    User: promouser

    • Nevermind Cap – I got it to work using a different email address. Guess mine was trapped in their SPAM. Love your content. Will donate when I’m a little more flush.

  2. I have been working through your Youtube vids trying to work out which HD plane to start with , I have a small right hand nerve issue , so dogfighting is out , my reflexes are now a tad too slow ground attack and helos look best for me , I fear that the C101 and L39 are just too slow and lack any countermeasures , looking at the F5 , as I think the Harrier is a step too far , and the Mig 19 is very limited air to ground. Any suggestions welcome , as I cannot afford to buy the wrong plane , I retired last week. I shall be waiting for the next sale before I buy.

    I have the A10A from the last sale , and also have the A4e and F104, I am not anywhere near good enough for them yet. I am looking at the Huey for helo’s , I think the KA50 is not the place to start.

    I have a decent stick/throttle , do you think pedals are a must have ?

    great work on Youtube , I have learnt a lot , and am fully fanboyed up on Kortana , I know I shall never get anywhere close to her ability , the flying on the stealth/SAMnet missions was just amazing.

    • Not a must, but when you get used to them you#ll wonder how you did without.
      great work on Youtube , I have learnt a lot , and am fully fanboyed up on Kortana , I know I shall never get anywhere close to her ability , the flying on the stealth/SAMnet missions was just amazing.
      thanks Cap

  3. Recently found the youtube channel and LOVE IT!! Looking at buying a gaming computer. I dont think I will ever be as good as you guys, but you gave me the love of playing sims.

    Thank you

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