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  1. You’re a warrior in every sense of the word, Cap. Take heart: Your videos and what you do with the Grim Reapers bring much joy and entertainment to many thousands of people around the globe, including me! Cheers!

  2. I totally agree with Daryl! I to found you guys (GR) online streaming Missions. As I’m ex-USAF, lived in the UK as active Military and Civilian. You’ve got a great Ground Support Team! Your Reaper’s!! I have watched almost every video that the Reapers have posted, and have even watch some of them over again. As a Pilot you have the right stuff! Ground guy… it seems that your the first to get or need Medical Attention… I mean that jokingly… Super Cap! Be well… And get well, cause I so plan to fly with you guys.. Some day real soon!! TxEcho262 Out!

  3. Cap, Slacker Here,
    Vero Beach, Florida
    Just want to wish you the very best Super Cap.
    As stated earlier, I drive tractor-trailer 48 states. Watching your videos is my soul entertainment. You and the Grim Reaper’s have a hell of a flying team. Keep up the exceptional work.

  4. Great to see you looking so well Cap. Love watching and listening to you and the GR also your tutorials which help so many get to grips with all things DCS. I lost my brother a few years ago to cancer and have a sister and Mother who beat it like you (positive thoughts always) so my thoughts and prayers are with you always. Stay well and keep the DCS flag flying because you entertain so many.

    • Condolences on the loss of your brother. We are pleased to hear your sister & mother beat it! Thanks for your nice words.

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