TFA (Arma 3)

Task Force Athena was formed in May 2019 from a combination of DCS and Arma 3 communities. Built up of Ex serving, serving and civilian personnel, the unit boasts a friendly yet disciplined group. With a variety of knowledge in military and realism gaming, Task Force Athena has become a formidable force. Using a fun tactical style of play, in a loose, special forces style of hierarchy.

We run four servers, three are up 24/7, with our mission server used for developing and running the streamed Operations. Details of these are in Discord. Our extensive Modlists are also detailed in our Discord channel.

All these servers are free to use, as they are generously donated by some of our Troopers. Each Tuesday TFA run a two hour Operation, this is edited and uploaded to YouTube, by CAP of the Grim Reapers DCS group.  Cap will post the videos on his channel Grim Reapers 2. Our legacy missions are available on Grim Reapers

Sunday is Task Force training evening, and Thursdays are our recruit training events.

Each session is usually two hours long, starting at 7pm GMT.

Get in touch via Discord @ if you are interested in; intense, fun, adult humour, tactical game play.

Applicants must be over 16 due to the nature of the Unit’s playstyle.

To watch the action live tune into these member twitch streams;












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