IL-2 Sturmovik

Every Thursday evening at 7pm UK time we hold a public IL-2 fly event and missions are uploaded onto one of our channels. The version of IL2 we play is IL2 Great battles. It is split into different games that all can be played together. These are split into IL2 battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, battle of Kuban, battle of bodenplatte, battle of Normandy, tank crews, and flying circus. Anyone can fly with us as it is open to everyone. All that you require is a version of the IL-2 Great Battles series. Join our Discord‚Äč (16+ age limit) to participate.

1940 Battle Of Britain Fun Reenactment | IL-2 Sturmovik
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  1. Cap,
    love your commentaries. @ Ramstein AB Ger, we F4e crew chiefs called you britts…. JOLLIES. Looking forward to attempt a fly-along w you guys. Simba n Grump are definately knowledgable in the cockpit.
    I watch daily grim reapers n growling sidewinders. i’m investing in a new gamer puter and flt accessories.

  2. Any chance you could do the German attack on Poland on September 1st, only make it so that the Poles had the Spitfires they had hoped to order at the beginning of the war?

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