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Member Spotlight – Whistler

This week member spotlight is on long time member Whistler. Enjoy.

Discord Name: Whistler

Nationality: Polish-American

Age – “Old enough to be your daddy.”


“The HoverCat”

Whistler is your regular Joe… erm, Chris. Capable of wit but the delivery can be dry as the Sahara. Fatherhood likely to blame but loves it more than anything. Is out to have a good time while helping out where possible and tries not to take himself too seriously. Answers questions openly and doesn’t seem to tire of them.

He began his time with the Grim Reapers on their ground pounding team gaming ARMA 3. Through much time, attrition, and skill he was eventually promoted in series from his starting role as a fresh medic to squad leader. Currently heads Hades squad of Task Force Athena.

While patching up casualties in ARMA and getting to know the team, Whistler trained with the DCS virtual Sluggers squadron. Biding time for GR applications to open, he honed old semi-forgotten skills and unlearned bad facts from more inaccurate simulators. It was Cap’s Grim Reapers channel which helped dispel the shadows and cobwebs that had settled into his mind.

Then one day, a call to arms was required for a campaign mission, and Patreon donators such as himself (grateful for the learning experience), were invited to fill the empty slots for the duration.

Although he was shot down at a forced 4 to 1 odds and an enemy ship, he successfully suppressed the enemy Redfor BARCAP from bringing harm to his escort charge of an F-18 strike package. Requisite training and airframe requirements were met later and began flying regularly with the squadron soon after.

Has a small fleet of the various DCS modules today but is most partial to NATO Navy airframes. Oddly, considers carrier traps as more fun. Thanks to the Grim Reapers, Whistler gets the itch scratched for having fun flying again.

Saturday Server Profile – Playground

This weeks Saturday Server Profile is on the US based playground server –
Server Name: Grim Reapers Playground
Location Kissimmee, FL
Missions running on server and brief description
Player vs Ai server that focuses on massive missions designed to facilitate and teach cooperative, coordinated air to air and air to ground operations. Playground is a great place to practice what you learn in training with a bunch of other players working together to defeat the maps.
Currently running versions of Shifty Mover’s Battle for the North and Capture Kobeletti on the Caucasus map, and KingGear’s Capture Iran on the Persian Gulf Map.
Join our discord to get involved!