Welcome to the Grim Reapers!

The Grim Reapers, The only PMC you’ll ever need. Be it a precision bombing strike on an HVT in the middle of an urban area, or leveling a mountain top, the Reaper’s can get the job the done for a fair price. When the tides of battle need to change, when the future history needs to be written YOUR way, find us

We are a Freelance mercenary group focused on excellence and gaining results no matter the cost. If you have a problem in your country and need a fast line of defense, Bluefor will be there on time, every time.

Lead by Cap, Bluefor battle insurgent forces. The scourge of all dictators face on-going resistance from Bluefor. Our aim is not to start a war, but we will end it.

We fly most nights starting 19:00 – 20:00GMT (UK time), and we have a mass Fly night on a saturday night on our Public Server, and normally a mass Fly PVP on a Sunday Night.

Want to join Grim Reapers and have DCS WORLD? Join here: https://discordapp.com/invite/Vn2rY3H  (16+ age limit)(You must own minimum 3 DCS WORLD modules if you want to fly)

We can also normally be found streaming our missions (Everyday in DCS World except Tuesday and Friday which is our arma 3 missions and Mass PVP on a Sunday) : At 19:00 – 21:00 GMT(UK Time) every day of the week. On Twitch at: TWITCH(Cap): https://www.twitch.tv/grimreaperscap

Grim Reapers Live Streams - 7pm BST
Watch Cap and the Grim Reapers on DCS 2.5.1
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Or you can catch us on our Youtube Channel at:
where we upload our missions daily.

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