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  1. Hello. I just found the you-tube video on the re-mapping your DCS World controls. I think was called Joy-pro Make Setting Controls for DCS World. I believe it’s an older video. Was wondering if it’s still worth using and could you please direct me to the Linc. Love all your videos and any help would be very appreciated cause mapping the controls is very daunting . Thanks very Much for your time,Cheer’s

    • Hi. Sorry for late reply, some comments have not been showing for some reason.
      Thanks but I have’nt kept touch with this software, don’t have a clue TBH – Cap

      • Has Cap updated the Winwing Profiles and have you guys done one for the AH-64? I have all the others but not for the Apache. Thanks TC

      • “I actually haven’t even fully set up my controls in the Apache yet, sorry!” – Cap

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