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  1. I know when starting the a4 the throttle is pulled ALL the way back..( further that it nornaly travels…and STARTING the a4 the throttle pops out to the right and forward to start the engine. ( so far no issue) BUT, i can NOT reverse that same process when shutting down ( or even restarting) i can NOT get the throttle to go PAST ( back/left) the normal operating position.

    What am i missing? is there a LEVER..BUTTON ?? KNOB??? something i can not see…or have found in any video or manual. Please someone HELP

    The mouse can NOT do the same thing it does to bring the throttle forward from its locking position…to park it/ put it BACK in it’s lock/parking position.

    MAYDAY..not many hairs left 🙂 need help.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi sorry for the late reply. Some comments were not showing for some reason.
      TBH I didn;t even know it was possible to re-cage the A-4 throttle? – Cap

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