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GR Tender DG-500 Cross Country (200km)

Me and my instructor Robin took our clubs DG-500 cross country from Aston down – Biford – Edge hill – Bister – Didcot – Aston down. this took about 4.5Hrs and i only had the camera on for about an hour filming the start and the end of the flight.


Grim Reaper Member Tender Glides…

One of our young members Tender loves to glide and takes some top pictures and videos whilst he is doing it.

“Hi i am Adam (Tender), I started gliding when I was 14 documenting most of it.  For the past 2 years I have enjoyed all the joys of flying and hope for much more in the future as I am about to get my own glider and will start my aerobatics training. I will bring you guys along for the flights. Enjoy”

These are some photos from 4000ft in an ask-23 glider in the Cotswolds

The videos are uploaded onto YouTube as Glider-Pilot