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10% Discount code on DCS Modules – Reapers-Spike

Eagle Dynamics are sponsoring a new Buddy-Spike (Blue Flag Server) DCS Pro League event.

The code “Reapers-Spike” is for a discount in the Eagle Dynamics store for the duration of the event, 30th May 18:00z to 12th June 21:00z

The Servers will be up for 2 weeks and at the end of the two weeks there will be 4 winners – prize fund $5000, top prize $750.

The Buddy Spike server is a continuous campaign red vs blue with 25 a side. There are roles for everyone.

The winning categories will be:

  1. Air to Air
  2. Air to Ground
  3. Swing Role
  4. Logistics/Helicopters
  • There are 4 aircraft categories each with a limited number of lives
  • Premium F-16, F/A-18 etc  – 3 lives
  • Interceptors – Mirage 2000C, F-5E – 4 lives
  • Ground Attack – Su-25, A-10, AV-8B – 4 lives
  • Helicopters – 6 lives
  • 17 total lives – reset every 24h
  • Players can play in a server for up to 6 hours in any 24 hour period.
  • The league tables will be updated in real time and viewable here: –!76688&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!ADB8N-oyGBZrZds

Cap Drums: Unstained By Slipknot

My Drumming Story So Far:

1) Started playing drums in 2002 and gigged with several bands in south east England for nearly 10 years.

2) In 2009 I started losing control of my legs due to unknown illness. Had to stop playing 🙁

3) In 2018 diagnosed with cancer. After treatment, legs slowly started gaining strength again.

4) Started playing drums again April 2022 after wife purchased drum kit for me 🙂

5) This it my first attempt at recording a drum track for well over 10 years. All I can say is that it is more difficult then I remember…