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Grim Reapers Meet Up | RIAT 2019


GR Member Showcase – Auntystatic

Aunty of the GR boys and self proclaimed Silver Surfer ”  I’m so old my first computer game was Pong and wow what technology it was back then, so yeah I’ve been gaming since before many of you were born, and I’m still going and loving every minute of it.” Auntystatic is a GR Veteran and Admin on our discord.

She streams GR missions live on her very popular Twitch stream, which is an engaging environment with a lot of interactive chat.

Her extensive backlog of videos are also available on her YouTube channel and are well worth a look as she has hundreds of hours of GR footage.

She also provides a training server for serious training for the GR missions and guests can join and improve their DCS as long as they are in our Discord.

“When I set out to run a 24 hour a day training server I didn’t realise what I was letting myself in for,  making and updating the maps, updating the software continually, keeping the hardware as up to date as I can afford and of course paying the extra electricity bill to keep the server running 24/7.

Thanks to you kind people out there donating towards the up keep its taking some of the pressure off financially anyway, watching so many people using it to gain more experience and fly better makes it worth while, I’m hoping to add more maps in the future and varied missions.”

If you would like to help Aunty provide this asset for the DCS community, please consider a donation.

Member Showcase – Grim Reaper Gumbo

Today we are featuring GR Veteran Gumbo, who creates and streams content from Grim Reapers missions from campaigns and other related group activity with express permission from the Grim Reapers.

He streams his perspective of a GR mission live on Twitch at

He also has a YouTube Channel – Gumbo’s Flying Circus, with lots of videos like this one. which shows his perspective of the Cold War campaign Day 4 – 14B Tomcat strike.

All our members contribute to the screenshots we showcase on our website and social media and Gumbo has given us some great ones.