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Member Spotlight – Ripcord

This weeks member spotlight is on Caps long suffering partner in crime Ripcord:

Discord Name:[GR] Ripcord

Nationality: American(West Coast)

Age – Old enough to know better


Playing DCS for around 7 years now. Just short of a year with the reapers. I have all modules and really enjoy mixing it up and flying the different modules. I can fly them all but an expert at none! Most of my free time is spent keeping Cap from revealing passwords, credit card numbers, etc on his stream. I always do things wrong at first so Cap feels good about what he is doing. Love being in the Reapers, Everyone is awesome!

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    • I’m extremely new to the DCS world, and have been enjoying watching the Reapers videos immensely. Besides the obvious skill, dedication and love that this group has for DCS, the interaction between Cap and RC is what separates the Reapers from the other major DCS based content creators and really makes them stand out as the authority I yearn to emulate for this sim.
      I hope that you guys all stick around long enough for me to get up to speed on this incredible software suite, as I hope to someday be a member of the sexy people in beautiful machines 🙂 Cheers!

      • Thanks. Glad you enjoy the channe! We hope to be around for a long time also. Hopefully see you in the skies one day.

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