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Member Spotlight – Stalker 06

This weeks member spotlight falls on Stalker06 – Our very own former Apache, Huey and Cobra Pilot!

Discord Name: Stalker 06

Nationality: American

Age – Not as old as Cap thinks I am… Never went to Vietnam Cap…


I am a retired Army Aviator, flying Ah-1s & Ah-64a.
Desert Storm Vet
Became an Emergency Room Nurse after.
Started DCS in 2013, and didn’t think I’d like the Helos, so I didn’t bother with them till a couple Years ago. I am sorry I waited to try them out! I thought ‘ After flying the best, why be disappointed’… Boy, was I wrong. I forgot how much I missed the UH-1… It is still a Cadillac!
I am truly amazed at the skill, knowledge base, and good nature of the guys in the Grim Reapers. I am a cancer survivor, and have never had any rude cracks about my voice cracking. This is a testament to the caliber of people that are attracted to this Squadron. Just hard to Sync up with your friends 13 hours ahead of you in Australia.

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  1. Hay cap I’m a dcs helo pilot exclusively mainly the huey would love to get involved. Not the best at dcs but I sure can fly.

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