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Lead by Cap, Bluefor battle insurgent forces. The scourge of all dictators face on-going resistance from Bluefor. Our aim is not to start a war, but we will end it.

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Balenar Campaign: DAY 4 Target Rich Environment | DCS
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  1. Love your DCS videos, especially the ones about penetrating IADS, SAMs, etc. and note some of the ‘interesting’ results you’re getting, especially with some of the stealth variants. I thought the below analysis might be of interest to you and perhaps be useful when scripting SAM site behaviour – it’s by an Australian researcher:
    http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-2009-01.html (JSF Defence Penetration Capabilities)
    http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-2009-02.html (Surviving Modern IADS)
    http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Nebo-SVU-Analysis.html (VHF Radar Analysis)

  2. Hey Cap and valued Reapers,
    since you guys and the fine entertainment you produce made me to finally try DCS, here is something I found in return that might be to your liking.
    I know Cap likes his cold war planes and this is a video made by an East-German pilot of his last flight in a MiG-23ML in 1990 (Jagdgeschwader 9 der Luftstreitkräfte der NVA, Peenemünde, GDR) before the east german armed forces ceased to exist / were integrated into the Bundeswehr.
    You’ll see in-flight footage for most of the video and some banter and joking around by the soldiers (beginning roughly at 9 minutes). Of course it is all in German, but that shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for Super Cap (aka Mr “Ich bin ein[e] Bombe” ;D), right?
    Greetings from a (valued?) viewer from East-Germany.

  3. Hi Cap, me again.
    I just wrote a wish for an F-14 ride.
    I have to share one more wish, and I’ll tell you why.
    February 14th, 1945.
    I know you know that date.
    And THANK YOU for your very well made
    Iwo Jima modern gunfire video.
    Think about this….
    You guys are very accustomed to DCS
    so don’t forget how blown away 95% of the public
    will be blown away taking a backseat ride
    on an Avenger or whatever two-seat WWII Pacific
    Aircraft Carrier.
    This time, your backseat reporter is from….
    “The Saturday Evening Post”
    The most popular and well respected magazine
    of that era.
    And did you say in your Iwo Landing video
    that around 10AM the Marines were still pinned down on the beach?
    And the cannon fire from the dormant volcanic mountain is HORRIFIC!
    The backseat could also have a 8mm camera to film the battle…
    Take ME for a ride….
    Person in the backseat is mostly quiet…
    but look around VR style!
    Start below deck, right in the middle of chaos.
    Well, no…not chaos…but alarms, yellow flashing lights, getting towed
    or moved onto the elevator…..what do you think Cap!
    On the deck, a Corsair lands badly and crashes into the Tower!
    But you can’t stop…even though your reporter is freaked OUT!
    You need to take off…or quit, if you must?
    You LAUNCH!
    Battleships FIRING the BIG GUNS!
    The FLEET!
    and well, Cap you know what we want to see.
    Like a time machine…….
    Take US on a ride.
    Like we are REALLY there.
    Let’s see those blast doors you were talking about.
    And the black sand beaches soaked in blood.
    Yet…it’s GREAT for morale as you fly low down the beach
    the Marines cheering!
    as you haul ass down the coast…before you draw AAA.
    Do you have 4 rockets under each wing?
    Do you?
    How many machine guns can we have?
    I vote for as many as we are allowed
    FULLY loaded of course.
    Give the reporter a REAL Combat Flight.
    Like a Recon-Gun Camera Mission!
    Will you get jumped by Zeros?
    How good is our Air CAP?
    Can I link a Youtube video here?
    I’ll try.
    “Letters from Iwo Jima Marines Landing on the Beach…first battle scene.

  4. Hi Cap, I truly enjoy the videos! May I offer an idea or suggestion?
    Actually a wish.
    Can you make a video that will give someone who has never
    even seen or heard of DCS
    the ride of their life?
    As REAL as possible!
    There are a number of reasons this is a great idea.
    So, first I’ll suggest what I think would work
    and impress best.
    Backseat ride in the F-14
    with full carrier launch
    fly around the fleet and in the clouds
    If possible fly over San Diego or Norfolk.
    Possibly a quick dogfight?
    Or just an easy cruise?
    As if the backseat is a journalist for some “cool” magazine
    or something.
    But knowing you guys, something will probably go wrong!
    What kind of weather?
    How about a brutal storm…for landing?
    Take off bright blue sky?
    Get jumped by Simba, who has been MK-Ultra’d
    to steal an Air Force F-16 loaded with BOMBS!
    Flying towards the carrier which is anchored for practice
    and qualifications.
    Therefore…it has no weapons or ammo!
    Fleet is unprepared, nobody is alert for an Air Force F-16
    to attack a Navy Practice Carrier off of San Diego Bay.
    But, the carrier does have ammo for the Tomcat cannon!
    30 mm? to load the jets for target practice.
    Air-to-Ground gun practice ammo…but Phalanx is not loaded.
    And of course…”All catapults are suddenly broken”…obviously..duh .
    And our backseat reporter, out for a joy ride is now
    Thrust into combat
    Cap vs MK-Simba…..get it?
    Anyone who watches will go WOW!
    It will go VIRAL!
    I watched your VR Ride Machine DCS vid again.
    Please, Please, Please…..
    I want to ride in the back of an F-14!
    Can we even ride the elevator!?
    And the entire vid is ONLY from the backseats
    I got more ideas Cap…good ones!
    Take me for a magic carpet ride…hint, hint!
    You guys are GREAT!
    Oh…and involve Kortona somehow?
    Thanks so much!
    How can you contact me?
    Spiritualastronomy is my channel (I do Nothing with it but store playlists.

  5. Ali,

    I abosultely have the greatest idea for you guys to model. If you recall when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor their huge formation was picked up on radar. However they assumed it was a flight of B-17s coming over from the states. The planes were first identified at 7:02 am, and the first wave attacked Pearl Harbor at 7:50am. Thus the radar operator had a 48 minute warning of the attack.
    Assuming some time to contact the appropriate people and get the warning out, what difference would it have made if they scrambled the available fighers, getting anti aircraft guns ready on ships, and on the ground because of the Radar? Maybe model it the original way where the US was surprised, and then model it assuming we properly read the radar as an attack on Pearl Harbor. You can compare the results. There is info on how many planes we had ready to launch, etc. I think it would be an interesting investigation to see how catstropic the misinterpretation of the radar was? I think you just model the first wave of attacks and compare. The second wave would be more difficult to model as it would be based upon what was lost in the first wave. This will be fantastic and I would love to help with research if you think it will happen!

  6. I love your war game videos! A video suggestion: bomber v. bomber aerial combat. You could have aircraft duel and try to shoot down their opponents using their defensive weapons. It would require careful maneuvering, almost like flying dreadnoughts (e.g., crossing the “T”). You might also try variations like B-17 v. AC-130. That would be interesting given that the AC-130 has more powerful weapons, but all fire from one side.

    • Interesting idea, as it stands the only one this would work for is the C-130 and we will give it a go at some point. From Cap

  7. reenact the “Bridges of Toko Ri” attack mission using Korean War tech. Then try it again using the venerable A10.

  8. Hi guys. I have been watching your vlogs on missions and would like to get started flying with you all. Can you tell me what I need to do and what kind of a computer and,flight controls would be best for me?

  9. Guys, I love your videos. I have told you before I just lost my son to a horrible drowning accident, and have been able to forget that while watching you guys. In my opinion it is not in bad taste to run a simulation of an event which just happened. For instance if you modeled the recent helicopter shot down by the Ukraine’s in order to determine what type of anti aircraft missile they used, and compare the model to the actual footage I do not believe that is inappropriate to the deceased. As long as your model is searching for more information and details, and not done in a bad way, I think it is more of research and scientific in nature. It is similar to a cop doing a crash investigation and calculating the speed of the vehicle and if the brakes were applied by using the available information. Today that kind of stuff is done using the computer, just like you guys are doing. This is JMO. Good Luck everyone and I will be watching.

    • Hi John. Sorry for the late reply. Somehow missed a few website comments. Glad the videos have helped with your terrible loss! Thanks for you insight, it means alot!

  10. I’m wondering if someone can give me a rough idea of the cost of entry into DCS? Love watching these dogfights and missions and I’m interested in learning how to do it.

      • Great video! Thanks for the info. Anyone using a large lcd tv as a monitor or two? Ever thought of using that (basically making a quasi flight sim). Is that something that would make flying more run, realistic? Or am I just losing control??

      • Also what if you have an IT guy that could build you a PC? Do you think it would easer/ cheaper to reach the higher end level (graphics and ram) ? Thinking of flow and non glitch..

      • Ali,
        What would think the best side of monitor (or led t.v.) would be for gaming? Flat or curved?

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