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Saturday Server Profile – Playground

This weeks Saturday Server Profile is on the US based playground server –
Server Name: Grim Reapers Playground
Location Kissimmee, FL
Missions running on server and brief description
Player vs Ai server that focuses on massive missions designed to facilitate and teach cooperative, coordinated air to air and air to ground operations. Playground is a great place to practice what you learn in training with a bunch of other players working together to defeat the maps.
Currently running versions of Shifty Mover’s Battle for the North and Capture Kobeletti on the Caucasus map, and KingGear’s Capture Iran on the Persian Gulf Map.
Join our discord to get involved!

Saturday Server Profile – Stoneburner

This weeks Saturday Server Profile is on our training server – a great relaxed way to experience DCS multiplayer Action.
Server Name:Grim Reapers Stoneburner training server

Location UK

Missions running on server and brief description
The Grim Reapers training server is an endless, dynamic, and open-world PvE experience for DCS World. It provides spawnable A2A and A2G missions in various levels of difficulty for a progressive learning environment, air to air refueling practice and carriers for circuits, every aircraft in the game across many airfields are provided for all types of training. SRS, LotAtc and Tacview run on the server.