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Update from Eagle Dynamics – DCS: F-16C Viper – AGM-88C HARM in HAS Mode

Quoted from their Facebook page…
“In a future DCS World update, we’ll be adding the High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile, or HARM, for the F-16. This missile homes in on the radar emissions of air defense radars and is an important tool in the Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses, or SEAD, role.
We will first release it with the HARM As Sensor, or HAS, mode, and later we’ll add the Position and HAD/HTS modes. For HAS, it uses the sensor in the nose of the missile to detect and track detected radars that are in one of the three threat tables. Once the threat is handed off and the missile is launched, it will fly a directly to the target with no range data. As such, it has more limited range than other modes.
The F-16 can only carry to HARMs, so make them count.
ALIC Tables:
Table 1(ID, name):
-110, S300PS_TR_30N6 (SA-10_TR)
-104, S300PS_SR_64H6E (SA-10_SR)
-103, S300PS_SR_5N66M (SA-10_SR)
-115, Buk_LN_9A310M1 (SA-11_TR)
-107, Buk_SR_9S18M1 (SA-11_SR)
Table 2(ID, name):
-120, Tunguska_2S6 (SA-19)
-119, Tor_9A331 (SA-15)
-117, Osa_9A33 (SA-8)
-121, ZSU_23_4_Shilka (ZSU-23-4)
-109, Dog Ear (RadarDog Ear)
Table 3(ID, name):
-123, S125_TR_SNR (SA-3_TR)
-122, S125_SR_P_19 (SA-3_SR)
-108, Kub_STR_9S91 (SA-6)
-126, SNR-75V (SA-2_TR)
-118, Strela_9A35M3 (SA-13)”