A Beginners Guide to Aviation Photography — An Adventure in Awesome

Thanks to “An Adventure in Awesome” for sharing. Knowledge without application is meaningless –Thomas Edison Part one: Some thoughts on Aviation Photography Troll disclaimer. This is not the only way to photography aircraft and aviation events. This is information that I have learned and what works well for me. My tips and tricks may not work […]

via A Beginners Guide to Aviation Photography — Peter Singhatey “Just Love Flying…”


Grim Reaper Flight leader Recoil is also an excellent Aviation and Motorsport Photographer

One of our flight leaders Recoil is also a talented aviation and motorsport photographer, as  SnapshotOfReality . This is an example of some of the Reaper favorites, if you want to see more check out his Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/snapshotofrealityphotography/

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