Hell Hounds


Part of the Grim Reapers task force…

The Hellhounds are an elite private military organisation who can be called into combat anywhere on the globe within hours. With a wide range of assets and an impressive arsenal at hand, no operation is to big for the Hounds.

Venimus In Infernum Producat De Bello – Bring forth out of the firey pits. From hell, we bring war. ~ Motto of the Hellhounds.

If you want to participate in any Arma operations please sign in to our discord server and read through the rules. When you gain access to the applications channel fill out the application form and wait to become a Trainee.

If you have any questions talk to WolfHound, Dozer or Whistler.

Missions are at 19:00 GMT, on Tuesdays and Fridays with training sessions on Sunday.

Join the Hell Hounds discord here.

(Please sign up using the same username so you are easily identifiable across all platforms)


Wulfle live streams our Arma3 missions on his YouTube.



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