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Reaper Wulfle live streams his Arma3 and more to his YouTube.

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Ohai thar! My name is Wulfle (Wul-Ful), your resident wolf in a waffle! I'm one the the internets that you may or may not watch.
Wulfle Live Stream
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Published at 2018, June 19
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Wulfle is creating Arma missions for the Grim Reapers and Sluggers

Welcome to the darkest depths of Hades. I am Wulfle the dealer of heartache and nightmares of the ground forces of the Grim Reapers air wing, The Hellhounds [HH]. As the main bringer of sorrow I run and maintain the realms of hell for these dogs of war. While guarding the gates of hell I plan and execute the will of the Hades himself with the close help of Killajaden our master of war. With his help I am able to bring a more realistic aspect to the ARMA 3 experience for the Hellhounds [HH] but at the same time allowing our hounds the ability to display their personalities in a less than milSim environment.

When you join the Patreon of the Hellhounds you will be helping with feeding and boarding the hounds. With each depth of Hades you enter it will allow you different privileges ranging from being mentioned in the cornicles of the hounds, having the power to suggest the location and actions of the hounds while they bring the plague to the land of the living. We thank you for your support and await your arrival to the gates of Hades.


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