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GR Top 5 Most Viewed Vids Jan 2019

5) Thunderdome 10 vs 10 Cage Fight #1 | DCS WORLD – 7528 views so far..

4) Tebro Campaign: DAY 6 Spectacular SEAD Mission | DCS WORLD – 8631 views so far..

3) Desert Storm: Troublesome Air, Land & Sea Attack| DCS WORLD – 10,235 views so far..

2) Tebro Campaign: DAY 7 Huge Anti-Ship Strike | DCS WORLD – 10,271 views so far..

  1. Tebro Campaign: DAY 5 500-Mile Naval Strike Mission | DCS WORLD – 18,933 views so far..

In 2017 a gaggle of flight simmers were sent to internet purgatory by the DCS community court for crimes they not only commited but recorded and uploaded to the internet. These men promptly responded by uploading more outragous footage and escaped to the depths of discord. Today, still wanted by the DCS community, they survive as pilots of fortune. If you want something blown up, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Grim Reapers.