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  1. I did this once already but cant find it here, so…
    I find it hard to knock the Mig 28 as it is a fictional aircraft, so gun placement etc is not really a factor.
    Continuity is well out of sinc. Same missile launched many times etc, I have a thing about this because ae tech gets better, it should be easier to to keep up continuity, but it’s like they know nothing about the subject matter at all. (Grrr)
    I have nothing against old stuff like “A piece of cake”, the book was hurricanes in France pre BoB.
    The tv series was lucky to assemble 5 spits, some with cannon and four blade props etc, but back then there was no option. As for Ben Affleck in “Pearl harbour”, I refuse to ever watch it for a second time. No excuses.
    My wife says you and I sound alike when watching this stuff.

    Did you know that the actuall fight is based on one that took place over Hanoi, on May tenth 1972? In this combat Randy Cunningham and his GIB (guy in back) knocked up kills numbers 3, 4 and 5, making Randy an ace.
    As for the film, I suppose if the real distances were used, we would only see one aircraft with possible a small dot in the distance, so it is filmed ‘for the camera’. After all, it was not made for plane anoraks like us, and I have seen worse on documenteries.

    Glad you are still beating the big C, keep flying hard and clear skies ahead Cap, throttle up!

    • Thanks Ian, can you send me some more info on the real 1972 fight please? Would love to reenact. Thanks

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