Member Spotlight – Kingston222

This weeks member spotlight falls on the hilarious and quick witted Kingston (definately did not get a brown envelope passed to say that ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Discord Name: Kingston222

Nationality: English

Age – (31, 217 in dog years)


The resident queen of GR and Caps Bitch when RC runs out of KY. Own all the modules but you can usually find me riding in the F14, F16, JF17, heloโ€™s or the back of [GR] Seahorse.

My real name is Tom, I’m based in one of the largest counties in the United Kingdom, a fully qualified electrician by trade im an area manager for a large engineering company based in the uk. I have been in GR over two years, making the admin/veteran role in 12 months, and ive been kept busy running the discord with the other admins for Cap now for about 18 months

GR videos got me into DCS and I was hooked from the beginning having been a fan of aviation from a very young age. GRโ€™s unique approach to a balance of fun and professionalism sits perfectly for me and i think personally is what makes GR so popular, it nails the balance brilliantly, love working with the boys/girls(yes there ares some) in GR we all get on very well and are a tight little family even having our own rows over dinner .

GR for me hasn’t just been about my obsession with aviation, its been escapism in the form of a clickable cockpit, AMRAAMS and great people, not just the members but the followers/donators in our discord and facebook community. A few years ago after a second attempt on my own life i was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. It was whilst on sick leave browsing youtube to pass the time i found GR. Im glad to say that thanks to our NHS im alot better, but I genuinely believe that GR and the people in it are as much to thank for keeping me on the straight and narrow not just to be able to fly DCS but as just people to talk to. Ive met a few GR members and i’m proud to call them personal friends.

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