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Satal 2019

The schedule for matches can be found at The Merge on Splash One Gaming. All matches are currently set to start at 1400z on Saturday and Sunday of each week.

DCS World Events, in conjunction with Heatblur, Thrustmaster, and Eagle Dynamics are proud to announce SATAL 2019 – Squadron Air to Air League! SATAL allows for the action and interest that surrounds SATAC be experienced year round. SATAL’s goal is to create a structured league that concludes in a single elimination tournament. Whereas SATAC is an intense 2-3 week championship, SATAL will be more of a slow burn year round competition. This is SATAL’s second year and we hope to bring all of the action that was so exciting from last year back into focus for 2019.

All streams will be taking place on the DCSWorldEvents Twitch channel with after action replays and highlights available on Youtube.

DCSWorldEvents is proud to announce that in addition to Heatblur sponsoring SATAL, both Thrustmaster and Eagle Dynamics have also come on board as official sponsors to the event. The extent and size of these prizes is a first in DCS World history and continues to grow year after year as support increases. We hope that having these will bolster the enjoyment for the teams that want to fight for glory in the DCS skies.

– March 30, 2019 – SATAL Diamond League begins with matches being flown and streamed on Saturdays for 35-45 weeks.
– March 31, 2019 – SATAL Gold League begins with matches being flown and streamed on Sundays for 35-45 weeks.
– League brackets will depend on the number of teams at signup.
– Groupings will also depend on the number of teams.
– Teams should expect to fly approximately once a month.
– Matches for Diamond League will always be flown on Saturdays at 1400z. Second match at 1730z if needed.
– Matches for Gold League will always be flown on Sundays at 1400z. Second match at 1730z if needed.
– All matches will be streamed and track-able on DCSWorldEvents, The Merge and ED forum thread.
– Future DCS modules will be included in the tournament automatically as well as multi-role objectives if needed or deemed to fit.
– End of the year tournament will take place around November.

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