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The Enigma Expedition and the fundraising power of an online community.

Prospective Grim Reaper, DoveEnigma13 sadly has melanoma. His Elite Dangerous community have managed to raise £5439, so far, for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Inc.

As a community they rallied to the cause

“In honour and support we are raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who research ways to improve the treatment and care of childhood cancers.”

On 12th January they launched the Enigma Expedition, see more details here

The expedition was made on a third party website as many things in elite dangerous are. Nearly 600 other players signed up to make the expedition that was over 22,000 light years from earths and the populated areas of the Milky Way galaxy. It took all of them around 3 weeks to make the journey and meet each other at the way points set up along the way. It culminated in that display in front of the ship that was placed in the game and named after him by the game developers. Despite some attempted issues from Griefers who tried to take the station offline it was a success and lots of money was raised

The Grim Reapers do not fly Elite, but you guys are all welcome to come and fly with us on DCS World any time.


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