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  1. Ok, a Russian carrier getting side to side with a Russian one is an absolute joke. Can’t and never will happen. Very very poor exercise. Its almost like the US fleet was told to stop firing when they get so close. Merges were ww2. Not this century

  2. First it’s not even close to realistic as to say the planes on the aircraft carrier don’t count is like saying we just put a dupermassive flat target with minimal defenses out their for fun. 70 plus jets are scrambled and scrambling.
    Next the srlegh Burke is one of if not the most deadly ships to ever float the seas. In this scenario, it’s hardly touched it’s stockpile of missiles. At a much greatercstand off range the arleigh Burke , 1 on each side would have simply fast launched missile after missle and at multiples of ships. Even if the Russians had defensive missiles left there would be too many coming from 2 direction splitting the Russian ability to defend themselves. In truth, the Arleigh Burksss could have laid waste to the entire Russian fleet with no additionssl help. And once fired upon, the are so maneuverable it would be hard to hit it with a mounted gun replacement. Super dubious war game

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