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  1. Some of your missions really make me chuckle lol. This one had suicide mission written all over it even before we saw that deadly air defence concentrated around the carrier. If i could give some observations which I hope you take as constructive criticism. As you don’t seem to set any time limits on these missions, whats the hurry? Why do you rush in trying to get everything done at once?
    Air superiority is key, i am sure you will agree. You started with a force ratio of roughly 3:1 in your favour which you wasted by dividing your forces. That was a facepalm moment for me tbh.
    My approach would be different as follows
    Sweep package: 4 flights of 2 aircraft (8 aircraft); viggens, harriers, f5’s or Mig21’s to fly a combat spread formation 2 flights at 20,000 and 2 flights at 10,000 on a course of 300 degrees. Fly in a box formation each pair seperated by 5 miles, now you got maximum radar/rwr coverage and will appear as the main strike force to the enemy. Draw the Enemy fighters away and destroy them.
    Sead Package: su25t plus 2 escorts, approach target from SW and fire KH58 missiles from 50km to try to take out the carrier radar system. No radar, no sams!
    Strike package: Su25T plus two escorts, approach from NE. Su25T fires Kab500kr from 16km. This is a TV guided penetrating 500kg missile, one should be enough to sink the command ship in the bay.
    Contingencies: escort aircraft are there to protect their respective packages but can fly distraction, dummy runs etc and engage AAA with stand off weapons. Any surviving Sweep package aircraft can do the same from the north, divide the enemy fire. Su25t’s can also press the attack using KL25’s, Vikhr missiles etc. OFC this always depends on pilot skill and luck. And timing, terrain masking, coordination will still be important factors. But it utilises distraction, force ratio, surprise and better choice of weapons to achieve the objective, which is to destroy the command ship. Count them btw, 14 aircraft, like you had for the mission.

    Food for thought hopefully. Love the missions btw and the vids are great entertainment. Check 6 and stay safe.

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