Space Force

Even in the 3300’s, when humanity has colonized the stars, there is always someone who needs a job done that’s too dirty to do themselves. The Grim Reapers Space Force is always on call to jump into our ships and take on any mission, anywhere in the galaxy- Provided it pays well enough, of course.

The Grim Reapers Space Force is a division of the Grim Reapers that focuses on the space flight simulator Elite: Dangerous. Led by Dark Web Lesbian Razgriz, the GRSF welcomes Commanders of any skill level, whether you’re a wet behind the ears Harmless rookie in a stock Sidewinder, or a grizzled Elite veteran in a tricked-out Anaconda, the GRSF has a spot for you. The GRSF is open for applications from anyone and everyone as long as you’re willing to work with a team and participate in squadron missions on a regular basis.

If you’re a new player, the squadron has many veterans who are more than willing to go on training flights with you, build up your credit balance, and strengthen your skill set. If you’re a long-time veteran of the game, we’re always holding exciting missions of all varieties, whether you like to fight, explore, or trade, the GRSF has something for you.

To join the GRSF, you’ll need to join the Grim Reapers discord, and navigate to the Space-Games channel, check the pinned messages, and fill out the application form there. From there, a Squadron Officer will review your application and, if approved, contact you with information on how to join the squadron in-game.


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