Welcome to the Sluggers!

The squadron’s Founder, callsign Spider, created this squadron while flying with the Grim Reapers (GR). He wanted to help fellow players who started playing DCS World. DCS World is a high-fidelity simulator that employs real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures. People new to the simulator can be overwhelmed by the learning curve that DCS World is known for. The mission of this squadron is to help the new pilots overcome that learning curve and have a place to hone your skills in a supportive environment.

All are welcome to join. New pilots who join will from day one find a supported environment from Cadet status to Command. Each level of status has a set of skills and challenges to overcome and make you a better sim pilot. Some of these skills you can bring in to the real world of flight. As you master the skills of that level and demonstrate to a Review Officer in a checkride, the pilot will be promoted to the next rank. Each rank has a set of challenges to overcome. The Ranks from low to high is Cadet, Nuggets, Flight or Warrant Officer, and Squadron Officer. Also, there are a special set of members who want to serve and help the mission of the squadron by serving as a Training officer, Review officer, or Mission Builder.

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