Meet the Reapers! The Grim Reapers, a company of private hire mercenaries, formed in the early 90’s after Gulf War 1. The two leaders are ex-SAS and met in conflict under fire. Shortly after the war they decided to create GR. Soon after they started to attract employees from America, Europe and South Africa. GR is now a multi-million dollar business with nealy 1000 employees. We have no political allegiances and can handle almost any job. We operate all over the World and have access to bases in every continent. We own and maintain a fleet of aircraft from WWII fighters to modern front line jet fighters, as well as ground assault weapons

We do not come cheap, but in this line of work “you get what you pay for”. If you wish to hire GR, you must first contact one of our associates, one of which we have installed in almost every goverment in the World.



Hi, I’m Jon.

I am leader of the Grim Reapers DCS group

I live in the UK and am 37.

My first memory of planes was when I was 3, I remember the Thunderchiefs coming in from RAF Alconbury. I was lucky enough to live on the flight paths for RAF Alconbury, Lakenheath and Mildenhall, which were all USAF cold war bases.

I have fond memories or B1-B, SR-71, F-15’s, F-104, F-4, F-14 all doing mega displays, and this was before the regulations that we have today in UK, so the plane came right over your heads at 300ft :smiley: Good times.

I make the videos /



Hello, I am Jon,

I am from the UK and I’m a Gas Engineer. I’m a flight leader for the Grim Reapers and I fly regularly when my shifts allow.

Computer specs: I5 6600k OC, Asus 1080 OC, 16GB DDR4 LPX RAM. 1TB SSD and a 2TB HHD. I use a T.1600M HOTAS setup.

See my aviation photography on



I am a South African with a passion for flight sims. I work as a software QA in real life although my passion lies in military history. I started playing milsim in ARMA with my milsim group Zulu-Alpha and quickly found my way to DCS. I am now a flight leader in the grim reapers. My favorite fixed wing aircraftso far is the F5E-3 while my favorite helicopter is the UH-1 Huey



Hello, I am Alex.

I am a City Slicker and I am trying to figure out how to take over the world and to destroy Fortinero (the guy is too good for his own good). I currently play when ever possible and try to teach and help others with their game and srs issues.

Currently, I play the game on a liquid cooled FX-4200 cpu, Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card, 16gb of ram, 240gb SSD and a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas



Hi, I am Adam.

Im 16 years old and i live in the UK. Currently i am a experinced glider pilot with over 150 hour’s and im wanting to progrees into obtaining my ATPL. I fly with the reapers on a regular basis and its a fantastic squad to fly with, with so many people from differing backgrounds to fly and gain knowledge with.

Computer specs: Dell inspirion 15 gaming laptop with an i7 6700k, gtx 960m, 16GB RAM, 128GB ssd, 1TB hard drive, i use this with a 27inch gaming moniter, and i fly with a thrustmaster t16000m hotas

I go Gliding, see my videos



Hi, I’m Fernando, I live in Argentina and I’m a technician. I love music, winter and everything that flies. I have a goal in GR and is make the life of someone called Jon as much pain as possible, try to understand the Coffee’s jokes and also I’m trying to avoid the destruction coming from SonicDust, I enjoy fly shoulder by shoulder with my tovarishch Raptor to troll people in the air together



Hi I’m Pete, I am from the UK , I’ve been flying flight sims since I was a kid and when not flying with the Reapers am part of the Virtual Horsemen Flight Team flying Right Wing #2 position, With fantastic support from our real life counter parts we strive perfect our formation flying to the highest level possible. When flying combat I prefer the Harrier, Viggen or A10C but you will also spot me in the Mirage, F-5E on occasion as well as the other modules. PC Specs : i7 4790K, 32gb Ram, 1080ti and a bunch of SSD’s – TM Warthog, MFG Pedals, Vive / 34″ Ultrawide 21:9 panel.



Hi, I am Chris, 40, and currently reside in the south of England. I have been flying flight simulations since childhood on the Commodore Amiga 600+ then PC’s. I enjoyed being on work experience with British Airways and Air Canada in the early 1990’s at Heathrow Airport; I was there when it was bombed! I have flown a Cessna 1 52, PA28 Warrior II and Gliders. I worked as a Digital Marketer and Copywriter after gaining a Joint Honours Degree in English Literature and Media Production, but am now sadly disabled. I stream on Twitch here: