One to One Lessons

If you are interested in one to one lessons, please watch this video.

To book a lesson please send a message to  or Join our Discord (16+ age limit) and message Cap

Lesson Feedback

“Your instruction was at all times very professional, patient and above all highly effective. I accomplished exactly what I was looking to achieve from start to finish. Well worth every penny. I really can’t recommend the Grim Reapers’ services highly enough.

On a separate note, I gather that you didn’t fly for the MoD in the past but you could’ve fooled me. For what it’s worth, I’ve flown with and trained scores of jet jocks in my time and I know flying aptitude when I see it. I think you have a superb natural air sense which is rare even for folk who earned their wings in real life. In my opinion you would have made a natural tactical Aviator had you been so inclined and given the opportunity to do so. Just thought you might like to know.

All the best success to you and your GR team,

John S”


“I started learning DCS on my own, and after a few months of watching videos and flying around, I had to find a better way to learn how to play DCS, so I reached out to the GrimReapers community and opted in for some private lessons.

Having an experienced instructor explaining exactly what I need to know and filling in any gaps is amazing. I managed to learn a lot in a short amount of time while having lots of fun. Shout-out to @[GR]Obi for being an amazing instructor. THANK YOU! – Shay”