Grim Reapers 2

Due to the growth of our main YouTube channel we have now had to split it into two channels. All aviation related videos will remain on the original Grim Reapers channel. Our new channel Grim Reapers 2 will feature the following:

Real life car videos – Cap loves to work on cars and going to car shows

Cars Gaming – lots of wreckfest

Arma 3 – this channel is the new home for Arma

Music – Cap playing the Drums

Chaotic But Action-Packed Airfield Capture Mission | Arma 3
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  1. Hey Cap and the Reapers, wasn’t sure if this was the place for this or not, But how about an Old vs New Dogfight? The P-47 Thunderbolt vs the A-10 Thunderbolt II guns only low level.

    Thanks Sundowner

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