“Squadron without borders”. We are a mercenary group which has roots all the way to the Korean conflict. After the war most of us joined a well-known mercenary group called Grim Reapers where we gathered further experience for a while, until we realised our ideals did not match theirs. The core four Blyats separated under Cmdr. Coffee’s iniative and formed Aesthetic Blyats. As our band slowly grew, the Blyats have restructured as ESF-127, with the core four carrying the honorary title of “Aesthetic Blyat”. The founding four are Coffee, Fortinero, Wolfsshadow and Raptor
We do not merely chase power or petty funds. Our main goal is to show the world you can achieve greatness if you employ your assets correctly and professionally,  and look very         A E S T H E T I C in doing so.

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