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Introducing the Sluggers.

The Sluggers Squadron is a group created out of the Grim Reapers dedicated to helping newcomers learn and become better pilots in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). They offer a means for new pilots to get together with others so they can not only learn more but also have a group of similarly-skilled individuals to fly together with.
Although not necessary to join in on Sluggers missions, people who want to join the Sluggers Squadron as a full member will have to submit an application and pass a qualifying checkride with one of our Review Officers.
If you’re a newbie trying to learn how to play, a pro looking to help others get better, or simply a lone Wolf looking for a pack… you are welcome to the Sluggers!
As for our discord link:
Watch the Slugger Vids and more DCS on Reaper Member Tuuvas YouTube Channel..
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