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  1. Hello Grim Reaper Squadron, Quick Questions when you all where flying the Ka-50 I take it all of you are wearing headphones and in doing so can you hear the rotors noise of the enemy and or your wingman too, as (Comanche4) a much older sim we used the rotor noise too seek out our enemy, is this the same for flying not just the Ka-50 but for all helicopters that is in or available in this particular flight Sim?
    Enjoying All Your Vids thank you for posting them.

  2. Yes but you can’t hear very far away so by the time you hear they are pretty much on top of you.

    • Thank You Cap,
      For your reply. Also thank you and thank you too the Grim Reaper Squadron for the vids.


  3. Such a shame to give up on the coffee campaign. I thought this was particularly what DCS was great at: coupling an high realism combat sim with a realistic campaign scenario. And no-one was being forced to take part, was they? The introduction of the ESF squadron in Grim Reapers was a mastermind, adding real adversaries rather than AI, introducing competition and learning opportunities as well. Redfor were really up against it in the campaign but have eventually had the easiest win ever. OMG blue team….words fail me. You had 3:1 advantage in the bridge mission and still messed up. And then you didnt want to play anymore!?! Good grief.

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